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We manage complex relocation projects and advise our clients on the best strategy for reducing overall costs. MLUX is constantly adapting and aligning itself with the market in which it operates.

Moving and Relocation. We are constantly streamlining our processes through technological advances to make your relocation seamless and stress-free.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent moving services worldwide, whether you are moving from Bulgaria to France or Russia.

Our business is structured to manage the entire process of moving from a central point of contact and to provide our employees and customers (both individuals and organizations) with all the tools needed for that.

Planning and Consulting

We understand your privacy needs, and we can provide a contractual confidentiality clause to all our employees, if necessary. We can assure you that our team will pack and unpack your goods with the utmost care and attention.

Packaging and Labeling

We are experts in packing and moving your company’s assets. Office Furniture, Electronic Devices, Laboratory Equipment, or Factory Equipment to Your new address. All electronic equipment, such as servers and modem cabinets, is packed in specially designed boxes and transported in vehicles with pneumatic suspension.

Montage and Dismantling

We put everything in place to minimize property disruption and discomfort during relocation. To increase the effectiveness of our team, we label and describe all the boxes and items on our site, so that our teams can quickly identify what is being transported and where it should be placed.

Moving services: Professionals with individual approach and communication

If you want a seamless relocation, don’t hesitate and write to us: е- mail:

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Moving services and movers


„Хамали ЛУКС“ ЕООД е лицензирана фирма за Преместване и Хамали. Вътрешни и международни премествания, както и професионално извършване на монтажни дейности. Работим по световни стандарти, гарантиращи качествени Moving services and movers и че вашите вещи ще бъдат преместени безпроблемно до всяка точка на света.

За нас граници не съществуват в сферата на преместването и Moving services and movers.

Планираме всичко изключително внимателно. Демонтаж/Монтаж на мебели и уреди, опаковане, събиране ( Moving services and movers), превозване, окончателно доставяне и разопаковане. Хамалски услуги.

Държим най-вече на професионализма и качеството на услугите, които предлагаме: хамалски услуги и преместване.
Нашата цел е да Ви предложим максимално ефективни решения.

Ние сме експерти в опаковането и преместването на активите на вашата фирма.

Офис мебели,

Електронни устройства,

Лабораторно оборудване или Фабрично оборудване към новите ви помещения. Цялото електронно оборудване, като сървъри и модемни шкафове, се опаковат в специално проектирани кутии и се транспортират в превозни средства с пневматично окачване.Moving services and movers

International Relocation

We offer relocation anywhere in the world and we prepare all the necessary documents for countries outside the European Union. We pre-train our employees on every aspect of your relocation. We clarify any questions and concerns that staff may have, as well as your expectations, to make sure we meet your needs.

Moving Services from MLUX

The teams of company “Hamali LUX” are well trained in smooth relocation of heavy and fragile objects. No matter which floor you have to take it down from, or get it on, you can count on us. We have the right equipment depending on the individual relocation. We offer loading and unloading of trucks and containers, with precise distribution of goods. We have extensive experience in moving cash registers, ATMs, pianos, grand pianos and other heavy items.

Transport Services and Logistics

MLUX (company Hamali LUX) has the necessary license for “International Carriage of Goods by Road for Foreign Account or Remuneration”. We provide all kinds of vehicles that are required for each individual relocation. We prepare the necessary documents and insurances when performing the transport service.


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